Accessories Products

A safe Connection. Guaranteed! This slogan has become our motto in the industry.
This is of course not only about the secure connection with cable lugs or connectors, but also about the further processing of the pre-fabricated cables.

Heat shrink tubings
We can offer you the matching Shrink Tubing to your connections that they should  isolate the air humidity to prevent corrosion or short circuits.

Cable ties
If you want to bundle the cables after processing, you do not need to resort to other suppliers, you can just contact us directly and order the cable ties. It does not matter whether you want to open these bundles again, or relocate difficult to access locations ,or a long service life of the cable tie. Because of our extensive model range of products and assortment, we will be able to find the right solution to your connection problem!

You want to connect to the terminal through a flexible insulator. no problem! We can provide you with comprehensive and different types of insulation, uninsulated selection possibilities. Of course, we can also provide a wide range of Crimping tools for cord-end-sleeves.