Battery-powered compression tool AP 10

art no. : 91120 (without dies)

Battery-powered hydraulic compression tool for crimping cable lugs and connectors up to 240 mm²

Characteristics :

  • extremely quick processing due to a two-stage hydraulic pump
  • 270° revolving head with quick opening and closing
  • integrated pressure relief valve, false pressings cause no damage at tool nor dies
  • lithium-ion-battery without memory effect, self discharges very low
  • high capacity due 3.0 Ah battery
  • fastening eye for balance and carrying strap available
  • ergonomic handle with a balanced weight distribution for sure work free of tiredness
  • case, handle shell and pressure discharge key completely from isolated and push-firm plastic material
  • universal usage: dies for all versions of cable lugs and connectors are available
technical data:  
press capacity approx.. 55 kN
operating voltage 14,4 Volt
tool measurements 95 x 350 x 310 mm
weight 3,6 kg (inkl. Akku)
battery charger 220–240V 50–60Hz 7,2-18V
time of loading approx. 50 minutes

additional Equipment

  • delivery completely with battery, battery charger and supporting loop for transport and safety, transport plastic case