Electro-hydraulic 3-cylinder-radial-piston-pump

art no.: 90416

our electro-hydraulic pumps are delivered completely with an electrical control, pressure control valve, magnet valve, oil sight glass and 3 meter high-pressure hose. The operating pressure is put
normally on 700 bar. The control is effected with a foot pedal. The pedal is equipped with a high-quality 3-point-safety wiring. All our pumps are delivered without cutting and crimping tool.

  • The following variants are deliverable:
  • • operating voltage/pump delivery volume 230V 50Hz / 0.64 l/min.
  • 3x400V 50Hz / 0.82 l/min.
  • • with transport cart or with rack
  • • foot pedal with one switch = version without positioning
  • • foot pedal with two switches = version with positioning

The version with positioning should be used at the tools to processing of copper and aluminium bus bars and the hydraulic puncher HLW 138 (catalogue pages 190-199). The positioning guaranteed a save and point exactly work. We recommend to use the pump (art.-no. 91421) if you buy our hydraulic bus conductor
work system BLS 120 (page 195). This tool combination ensures you a high precision.

Technical data

  • rack, with positioning
  • nominal capacity: 0.75 kW,
  • voltage 230V 50Hz, delivery rate 0.64 l/min.
  • weight: 30 kg

Further components and special Solutions are available on request.